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It’s Fall . . . Color Palettes

It’s easy to fall in love with the warm color palettes that typically make up the fall season. They invoke a sense of warmth, love, and comfort — like an old family quilt, you want them to wrap around, giving you the sweetest hug of all. We’ve compiled a list of our top 3 favorite colors as you put together a fall color palette that you’re guaranteed to fall for this season! 1. Burgundy — Imagine a deep red, so red, it’s reminiscent of wine. Paired with more neutral colors, burgundy can be just the color to make your wedding pop, and it can be incorporated into many aspects from lipstick to linens. 2. Cornflower Blue — One doesn’t automatically associate any shade of blue with fall, but we love a beautiful cornflower blue addition to any fall palette. It’s a warmer shade of blue, almost on the light blue side. It pairs nicely with apricot or pumpkin colors and is both subtle and bright enough to be the star of the show or an accent color. 3. Moss — Can you picture that tall, leafy oak
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Wedding Planning Made Better with The Wedding Planning Organizer

Whether or not you have a wedding planner, our new wedding planner organizer will come in handy! It’s got everything in one notebook to keep you organized, on-schedule, and up-to-date. Keep track of appointments with vendors using the calendars inside. Remember who you hired and know how best to reach them with the vendor contact list included. Stay on budget wherever you are with the budget tracker. Still not enough? Fill-in worksheets for your vendors with what you want on the day-of, a place to write down your vows, and more. It’s the all-in-one comprehensive wedding organizer you’ve been looking for! It’s also a remarkable resource that can be kept as a keepsake to look back on what went into making your wedding a beautiful celebration! Oh, and you can shop your favorite style cover now. There are 8 different styles to choose from. Shop for yours:;jsessionid=8DD8642

Celebrate Weddings Magazine Fall Issue Has Launched

Celebrate Weddings Magazine has launched the fall issue. Like past issues, we implore you to flip through the pages, capturing pro tips and inspiration along the way as you witness the divine photographs talented photographers have taken, as well as real wedding inspiration. You may even possibly find a custom welcome bag you love from Marigold & Grey, or even start wedding dress shopping (perusing, really) with bold, beautiful designs from dress designer Pnina Tornai and her latest P by Pnina Tornai collection as well as gowns from Pronovias. A sweet treat inside from Whole Girl, a recipe that you may just find yourself wanting to try out for yourself! Not sweet enough? We even have an quick read about candy stations at your wedding, as well as photographs to draw inspiration. Plus, it wouldn’t be a fall issue if we didn’t include fall inspiration, so we have that too! The best part? There is no one part to choose from, it’s all amazing, and free for you to preview. Take a peek, y